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Here are the official rules for “Pick the Stick” so you can now play along every game for the 2nd half of the MN Wild season.

Each game, everyone will pick one Minnesota Wild player who you think will have a big night. Send your tweets to @PuckingSports with the hashtag #PickTheStick

The player can earn you points in the following manner:

Goal = 2
Assist = 1
Winning Goal in OT = 3
Shoot Out Goal (added on 1/25) = 1

Goalie Shutout = 4

This is just for fun, no cost to the participants. We will keep score every game for the rest of the season and keep track/post the overall standings of those participating to keep people coming back each game as a little added incentive.

Make sure to tweet us your picks before each game starts for your submission to be valid. Also make sure to participate each and every game to give yourself the best opportunity to move up in the standings.

We will begin this contest starting Wednesday, January 4 when the Wild take on the Vancouver Canucks in the official mid-point game of the season.

Good Luck

Prank of the Week

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I have a hard time believing if this is real or not. If it is, then bravo to these guys for pulling one of the best pranks I’ve ever seen. If its not, then still bravo for coming up with the idea and probably fooling 80% of the people watching. I think it would be hilarious if this guy was actually faking being passed out and then he fell off the raft and pretended he drowned by holding his breath under water for a minute or so..that would be a nice prank reversal.

Hilarious cinnamon challenge

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I always had the idea to do something like this for this site, stay tuned for Pucking Sports’ inaugural Video Challenge of the Week. Send in your ideas of what you would like to see done


Manatee Can’t Stop

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Thanksgiving Family Freakout

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