Is Craig James delusional?

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Big Lead – Craig James casts an AP ballot. His Top 25 this past week was rather interesting. Here are some of the highlights.

Boise State is No. 24. Let me repeat that. Boise State is No. 24. The Broncos are 10-1 with a one-point loss to TCU. They haven’t played the toughest schedule, but a tougher one statistically than Virginia Tech (James – 4), Houston (James – 5), Michigan State (James -12) and Wisconsin (James – 13). Boise State beat James’ 11th ranked team, Georgia, by two touchdowns in a de facto road game. They have fewer losses. Yet, somehow, they are ranked 13 places lower. They are ranked behind five-loss Missouri and four-loss Texas. Boise at 10-1 against the 51st ranked schedule is No. 24. Houston at 12-0 against the 111th ranked schedule is No. 5? Seriously, did Chris Petersen not answer his text messages? Was he a little curt during a stop and chat in the gym? We’ll assume that’s not an optimistic sign for Kellen Moore and Doug Martin’s chances of winning the Pony Express Award.

Arkansas is No. 3. The Razorbacks are 10-2. They have only lost to LSU and Alabama. Fine. They were also clearly outclassed in both games. What is their best win? South Carolina? A comeback against 6-6 Texas A&M?

Oklahoma is No. 17. Kansas State is No. 8. Oklahoma is No. 17. Oklahoma has the same number of losses as the Wildcats. Oklahoma beat them by 41 points in Manhattan! There is no plausible argument for the Wildcats being a better team, let alone a demonstrably better one. That is insane.

Stanford is No. 10. I can see not being sold on Stanford. How are they ranked below No. 7 USC when Stanford beat USC and has fewer losses? Yes, the Trojans looked better against Oregon. In games that also counted, they scraped by against Minnesota and Utah and lost by three touchdowns against Arizona State, who just had their coach fired.

Clemson is Unranked. I don’t think Clemson is that good. That said, Clemson is 9-3 and beat James No. 4 team, Virginia Tech, by 20 in Blacksburg. They beat Florida State (James -25) and have a better record against a tougher schedule.

Let me start off by saying that I cannot fucking stand Craig James. How he is an analyst for ESPN right now is beyond me. He was apart of one of the most infamous sports scandals in the history of college football and no doubt was right at the center of it. You think ESPN would ever hire someone like Terrelle Pryor (not just cause hes dumb and black) after what he went through at Ohio State. No shot. And then a couple years ago Craig turns into that fucking parent that you cant stand which results in Mike Leach getting fired from Texas Tech because his son is almost as big of a conceited spoiled bitch as his dad is. Now he puts out this absurd poll of his own thinking that people actually care what he believes his top 25 should be. This man is one type of a ratard and ultimately should have been administered the death penalty along with the SMU football program back in ’87.


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