2012 NFL Playoffs Bracket

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok so heres the deal. For those of you whose fantasy teams ate shit this year (probably Jones), heres your chance at redemption. As soon as the NFL playoff matchups are complete, we will either post or print a bracket to be filled out and sent back to us with your picks. Each bracket will be $10 and you can fill out up to 3 brackets. Because there are only 12 total teams, there is a slight likelihood of a tie, so tiebrakers will be as follows:

Each correctly picked wild card game = 6 points

Each correctly picked Divisional playoff game = 9 points

Each correctly picked Confrence Championship = 12 points

Super Bowl Championship = 15 points

Tiebraker: Over/Under for SuperBowl pick

Payout will be 5-10% of pot to 3rd, 20-25% to 2nd, and 65-70% to 1st

Payment must be received in cash no later than JANUARY 6th (day before Wild Card weekend) NO EXCEPTIONS

We will update the standings after every game and post to this site so you can keep updated on where you are in the standings

E-Mail us at TheWeeklyFix@Yahoo.com

Tweet us @PuckingSports

or comment on this post with your email address if you want to participate

Please include your name and how many brackets you will be filling out

  1. Josh H says:

    Ill take a gander

  2. Pat Grundland says:

    kinger lemme get 3 when they come out

  3. stanton sawdey says:

    I’m doin one bracket

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