Tim Tebow Mic’d Up – Its so hard to hate him after watching this

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

God damn it, I’ve been trying to hard to hate him but its nearly impossible after watching this clip. He has to be a robot. Just calling out that Demaryius Thomas would catch a TD in the 4th quarter…. All he does is win. How much do you think Barber was paid by the NFL to blow the game and allow Tebow to have another comeback? I’m guessing they promised him another year in the league. On another note, Matt Prater is not getting as much love as he deserves. Nailing a 59 yarder field goal to tie it and a 51 yarder to win it, making him 3 for 3 in overtime this year. He also kicked the game winner against the Vikings 2 weeks ago, bringing the total to 4 for 4 on game winning field goal attempts on the year.
PS Tebow is really milking this God shit.

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