Ryan Braun is a fucktard

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

(TMZ) MLB superstar Ryan Braun — the 2011 National League MVP — says he will not hide from allegations he used performance enhancing drugs … telling TMZ, “My day will come.” MLB sources say Braun’s dirty test was caused by medication for a private medical issue. Braun arrived at LAX last week — and when we asked about the situation … the Milwaukee Brewers star told us, “I can’t get into it man … trust me, I want to … my day will come.”

I fuckin hate Ryan Braun. Kid is a cheater and a liar. What makes this story even funnier is what Braun said about Alex Rodriguez at the news conference before A-Rod admitted his steroid use. “… The best thing he can do is come out, admit to everything and be completely honest,” Braun said. “The situation will die a lot faster if he tells the whole truth.” Hmm…sounds a little hypocritical there Ry-guy. I am 100% confident that Braun will serve his 50 game ban and can only hope that they take away his MVP award as well. Nothing makes me happier than seeing one of Wisconsin’s sports icons caught doing something like this and revealed to the public as the scum that they are.

PS: The supposed personal medical issue is that he was using herpes medicine. LOL… just a nice little cherry on top to the story. He probably got it from banging chicks like this… yummy

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