Who needs a girlfriend when you can literally fuck your IPad

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

(FleshLiPad) Most apple fanboys out there would LOVE to stick their peenors into their precious ipads. Seriously, they would. Well this is a concept for the fleshlipad holder which would take your overused fleshlight and turn it into a high tech instrument of digital fap fap fappery.

It seems like its getting more and more difficult for chicks to compete with porn and technology. Pretty soon guys aren’t gunna give a shit when they go home empty handed from the bar, knowing they got their handy dandy iPad fleshlight waiting for them when they get home. It won’t be long until human interaction is a thing of the past. People just staying home fucking inanimate objects on the reg. This thing comes fully equipped with features such as not being able to talk back, not requiring hours of time, money, and attention; and best of all, it won’t be upset when you only last 45 seconds.

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