Are these 3 Werewolf-lookin’ sisters real life?

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

(Daily Mail) It is one of the rarest conditions in the world, affecting just one in a billion people.

However, in an incredible quirk of fate, three sisters have all been blighted by a condition known as werewolf syndrome – where they are covered from head to foot in thick hair.

Savita, 23, Monisha, 18, and 16-year-old Savitri Sangli, who live in a small village near Pune, central India, inherited the hypertrichosis universalis disorder from their father.

All three struggle to keep the condition under control with cream and hope they one day might eventually be able to pay for specialist laser treatment to rid them of their excessive hair.

Despite the devastating effects of the syndrome, the siblings still dream of a day when they might get married.

The girl’s mother Anita Sambhaji Raut has six daughters in total with only three having werewolf syndrome.

The condition was passed down by the girls’ father, who Anita was forced to marry aged at the age of 12.

Because theirs was an arranged marriage and she did not lay eyes on him until the wedding day, she had no idea he was suffering from the condition himself.

hahahaha talk about the ultimate “Fuck My Life” moment… you’re tellin me that these girl’s mom was arranged to marry a dude with this condition and had no idea until she saw him on their wedding day?? I would’ve paid to see that reaction when Anita walked down the aisle and a werewolf lookin dude was waiting for her at the end. Thank you god I was born no where near the type of culture where my spouse is chosen for me by my parents… what the hell kind of parents do you have to be to fix your child up with someone who looks like this? Like I wouldn’t even joke with my kid tellin them I chose a warewolf for them to marry, let alone make them go through with it…

Cracks me up knowing that there are now 3 more guys out there who are in for a nice surprise when their wedding day rolls around…

and why can’t they just shave…?


  1. Anonymous says:

    haha seriously what kind of a parent makes their kid go through with marrying a werewolf!!!

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