Send in your contestants for “You Gotta Puck One”… do it, do it now

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

So as much fun as it is using my own friends for “You Gotta Puck One” each week… I thought I would start having people sending in their own contestants… or even volunteering themselves!

So if you know some pretty ladies that would absolutely love being faced off again another pretty lady for all us to judge… then send me about 4-5 good pics and what school they go to

Trust me guys I’ve heard nothing but good things from all of the girls I’ve used so far… they absolutely love being on here! I can think of no better Valentines Day present than telling your girl friend that you think she is pretty enough to be on Pucking Sports… and then surprising her by telling her that you submitted her as a contestant! She’ll love it!

Like Adriana Lima says, “give and you shall receive”…. now give me some ladies

email pics to –>

preferably girls that can do this : )

  1. khalidjoya says:

    I love your all pucking sports your all is best in the world in mine beacuse your all cutche me i don’t know how am i should do………………………if you like to joint with me it’s my wish i well find you like good mine all thier of the world it’s my mobile number 0799466075

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