Jonah Hill won’t take his shirt off in the ocean with Channing Tatum

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

(Dailymail) – Jonah Hill has recently lost quite a few pounds. But he seemed to have realised that his slimmer physique was still no match for Channing Tatum’s rippling muscles and chose to not reveal his body while they frolicked on the beach together. It seems making a movie together has sown the seeds for one of Hollywood’s most unlikely bromances as they enjoyed their time soaking up the sun yesterday. Jonah, 28, was not quite so athletic, and looked to be struggling as he doggie paddled in the water. In fact, he even needed to be rescued by lifeguards at one point when he got caught in a powerful rip wave.

Just the classic fatty move right here… its really a ‘lose-lose’ situation if you have a Jonah Hill-type body and get sucked into going to the beach… if you wear a shirt, you stick out like a rotten fuckin apple as the fatass whos scared to take his shirt off and reveal his man titties… but then again, if you take your shirt off… you stick out like a rotten fuckin apple as the guy with the huge man titties and will probably end up getting confused for a whale shark while swimming around like a fucking retard like in that last picture…

I guess I really can’t blame him tho… can you even imagine what his body must look like after losing all that weight, probably similar to that of FatBastard at the end of AustinPowers 3… just one huge saggy vagina… so I guess he is doing everyone a favor by keeping that saggy vag under wraps… maybe just stay away from the ocean for awhile there Jonah… especially if you’re with Channing Tatum…

  1. Me says:

    damn son. i love his movies, and he’s an awesome actor, but god damn. even with his money, he could never pull in the beautiful women that i get. that makes me feel so fucking good about myself.

  2. DUDE says:

    LOL no one wants to suck his 2 inch tiny penis.

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