Deion Sander’s wife suing him for $200 million for calling her a “gold digging hoe”… wait, what?

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

(TMZ) Pilar Sanders says her estranged husband Deion and his daughter Deiondra mind-tricked her into believing she really is a “worthless, gold diggin’ ho” … so she’s suing them both for $200 MILLION. The suit was clearly triggered by Deiondra’s Twitter rant earlier this month … in which she trashed Pilar as a “gold diggin’ h*e” … and publicly accused her of cheating on Deion. Pilar claims the Twitter rant was just another example of the humiliation she was forced to endure during the marriage … adding, “[Deion and Deiondra] even persuaded [Pilar] that she was and is worthless, a ‘gold diggin’ ho, and that no one else would want her.” Pilar is demanding $150 MILLION in punitive damages and $50 mil in actual damages. Her attorney Larry Friedman tells TMZ Pilar also wants a public apology — and adds … she “passed a polygraph test confirming” she didn’t cheat on Deion.

There really is no limit as to what you can sue someone for now-a-days… oh someone didn’t hold the door open for you? sue ’em for $100 mil for negligence… you spend a night puking and have the worst hangover in the morning? sue Smirnoff for $500 mil for poisoning you… someone calls you a gold digging hoe? sue ’em for $200 mil for being a big, fat meanie butthead…

On another note… I had no idea this is what Deion’s ex-wife looked like… what a fucking bombshell… I think it goes without saying that I would put it in that butt, and I guarantee half the girls reading this would at least stick a finger in

And did anybody else notice what Deion named his daughter? DEIONdra… you can’t just make up names Deion… if that isn’t the biggest egocentric move I have ever seen then IDK what is… that would be like me naming my daughter CHRIStina

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