Check out this banned poster from the new hockey movie, “Goon”

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

(Hollywood Reporter) Outdoor advertiser Astral Media removed 38 posters featuring the Canadian actor making a sexually suggestive pose after City Hall passed on public complaints.

Jay Baruchel making a lewd finger-and-tongue gesture in a movie poster to promote the lowbrow Canadian hockey flick Goon has shocked Toronto Brahmins.

Now a citywide ban on the film promotion from local Goon distributor Alliance Films has led outdoor advertiser Astral Media to take down 38 posters around the city.

“i’m horny a lot”

At first look I was kind of surprised to see they chose SWS as the lead for this flick but it looks like he beefed up a bit, and he  was actually born and raised in Minnesota…. grew up in Cottage Grove, MN and his brother co-founded the satirical newspaper, The Onion…. Bet you didn’t know that…. its big start to the year for Scott with this badass movie and American Pie 4: American Reunion

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