Father literally bites off his own son’s dick

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

(Shanghai) A 6-year-old boy’s penis was bitten off by his father yesterday morning in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The father was believed to be suffering mental disorder at that time. Local media reported that doctors had restored the boy’s penis with a surgery but he may still risk lifetime disability. The boy is now in safe condition and may need long-term psychological therapy to heal his trauma. Witnesses said the father, 32, was taking the boy and his four-year-old sister, all naked, for a walk in the street. He asked the boy to bite his penis and when the boy refused, he attacked him. When people realized what had happened, they rushed to rescue the boy who was already screaming with blood gushing out of his crotch. They nailed down the father to the ground and picked up the penis that was thrown into the shrubs. Police detained the father and the boy was rushed to a hospital. The girl was later picked up by her relatives. The divorced father lived with his children in a rented room about 500 meters away from the site of attack. Neighbors said he used to treat his children well until this year when he looked abnormal. The man was jobless and about 90,000 yuan in debts after his wife left him in 2010 over their business failure. Neighbors saw him pretending to strangle his son on the balcony recently. When his landlord asked him to pay the rent, he said he would go begging with his children. The incident has raised voices for early intervention if a custodian shows incapability to look after his or her child.

A lot of old-man-biting-dicks-of-little-kids going on today… I promise its just a coincidence… but lets go over the facts of this story real quick just for a nice refresher in case you missed anything

1. Father, son, and daughter decide to go for a stroll in the middle of the street… completely butt-ass naked

2. Father gets hungry and asks son for a bite of his penis

3. Son (for some odd reason) refuses, so father attacks son’s penis with his mouth

4. People finally notice that a man just bit of his son’s penis… come to help and find the boys penis lyin in the bushes

5. Doctors sew penis back onto boy

I think its safe to say that the next time this dad asks for a bite of his son’s dick… there will be no argument

I guess the only bright side to this story as that the dad didn’t have herpes…. so the kids got that goin for him… which is nice

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