Never thought I would find myself wanting to fuck an NCAA D1 football player

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(USA TODAY) LSU coach Les Miles may have an answer to his team’s scoring problems in the BCS title game. The Tigers will give a roster tryout to female kicker Mo Isom during spring practice. Isom confirmed the news on her Facebook account.

“Absolutely overwhelmed and humbled by all of the amazing support that has been pouring in surrounding tryouts,” she wrote. “There is so much power in prayer, so please know that I truly appreciate every single one of you! Today is the first of a 3-day tryout, so I would appreciate continued prayer through this week. I will keep you all posted on results!”

Isom was a goalie on the school’s soccer team and spent last fall practicing kickoffs and field goals with the Tigers. She has one year of football eligibility after playing four seasons of soccer.

Les Miles you sly dog you… tryin to motivate his team after they left a huge turd on the field during the BCS Championship game by bringing in this smokeshow to run around on the field with horny college football players… I see whats going on here… Although I don’t know if it is such a good idea having a chick be your kicker of all positions… its one of the most stressful positions in all of sports, and I’m not sure you want to rely on someone who turns into a emotional wreck one week out of the month to kick your game winning field goals… especially playing in the SEC Conference

It does look like she has a good leg though…

Am I supposed to be impressed by that shot though? Because I am not … that was the most pathetic effort by the opposing goalie I have ever seen … just adding to the negative stereotype against women’s sports… which is probably why Mo Isom is makin the switch over to mens

PS What are the chances she is sidelined for the season after the Honey Badger cornholes her against her will

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