Restaurant server gets fired for posting a photo of Peyton Manning’s tip

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

(Biz Journals) What started out as a jocular adventure involving a dinner tab at a Raleigh restaurant has turned into a nightmare for Van Eure, owner and operator of The Angus Barn. Gone viral on the Internet is a photo of a dinner tab that’s identified as being signed by NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. It shows a subtotal of $739.58, which includes an 18 percent gratuity, and a $200 additional tip left by the cardholder. Eure was livid when she learned about the check and said the server was immediately terminated. “This goes against every policy we have,” said Eure. “It’s just horrible.” The Angus Barn has a long tradition of serving celebrities major and minor, and it’s a strict policy of the restaurant that their private dining experiences stay private. That was violated in this case, said Eure, who added that she intends to phone Manning to apologize personally.

Is this the biggest fuckin hero move the owner of an average restaurant that you’ve ever seen? Acting like his server stole something extra personal and top-secret of Manning’s and posted it on the internet to get him in trouble or some shit… this guy was psyched about gettin an extra 200 bucks on top of an 18% gratuity and for bein able to mingle with a superstar like Peyton Manning for a lil bit… and then we got Mr. High Almighty, Van Eure “immediately terminating” his ass saying its “just horrible.” Fuckin relax bro… I don’t think Manning gives 2 flying fucks that his receipt is now on the internet… Peyton seems like the most laid-back dude ever (except for when he cried yesterday) and it was a pretty generous tip so who the fack cares

PS Tip comes out to about $315 on a $625 tab…. ya I actually did that math

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