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You think a cat would ever do this? Not a chance. Probably wouldn’t have even noticed they were gone.

Dogs > Cats Yep. K. Bye.

Not sure how I feel about this. It’s not great but it’s not terrible either. Feel like they could have done better. I mean when you’re combining one of the best songs ever created with Timeflies you kind of have to set the bar pretty high, don’t you? It’s still a good song don’t get me wrong. What do you guys think? Not that I give a shit though, at all.

Stay classy New Orleans

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(ESPN) A joint Louisiana state police and FBI task force is investigating allegations that the New Orleans Saintsset up general manager Mickey Loomis’ booth in the Superdome so he could listen in on opposing coaches. State police Col. Mike Edmonson confirmed the joint effort Tuesday after discussing the matter with Dave Welker, special agent in charge at the FBI’s New Orleans field office.

(USA Today) First, a somewhat surprising, last-second playoff ouster at the hands of the 49ers. Next the revelation and fallout from the infamous bounty program run by former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. And just yesterday, an ESPN report accusing GM Mickey Loomis of illegal monitoring coaching communications of opposing teams at the Superdome from 2002-04. Regarding the latest allegations about Loomis, who’s already been hit with an eight-game suspension for his role in Bountygate, fans in the Big Easy are rallying around the home team.

WhoDidDat? WhoDidDat? WeDid! It’s seriously just one thing after another with that rat hole of a city. It’s like one big ghetto down there, just do whatever the fuck you have to do to win with no concern of anyone else but yourself. Cheat, steal, injure, wiretap, you name it. It’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. And yeah I’m probably a little biased because they knocked us out of the playoffs in 2010 but you really can’t blame me after all the crap that’s come out the past couple weeks. And it’s pretty likely that this is just the tip of the iceberg of illegal practices that go on down there. By all means, I’m not so naive to think that they are the only guilty team. But I just hate ’em, I hate ’em, I hate ’em.

I was down in the New Orleans for the 2011 Vikings Season Opener and as much fun as it was, it is definitely a city that you cannot spend more than a week in without wanting to get home and take an hour long shower. Kinda like my buddies farthole of a room at his college house, you just feel disgusting every time you spend more than 5 minutes in it. Bourbon Street was a blast for the most part, but I also witnessed numerous fights instigated by Saints fans towards people wearing Vikings gear and even saw a couple Vikes fans get spit on. Real classy bro. Not really sure what New Orleans has to offer to the rest of the country besides a place to go to find cheap hookers, party your dick off for a couple days, and hope you make it home without catching some sort of disease.

It was worth a shot

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“I know many of you will not be attending the Mifflin event this year, and with good reason”

Who the fuck is she talking about there?

Dear Bitch,
As students of your university, we would all like to remind you that WE pay YOU. YOU work for US. Without us, there is no you. For you to tell us how to behave and to hold our eventual degrees over our heads is downright outrageous. You have the right to choose who you admit to the school, you have the right to hold us to certain academic standards. But you are outside of your pretentious mind to think that you have any right to tell us what to do outside of the classroom and off of your campus.
A degree is a symbol of ACADEMIC achievement, no more, no less. We have to perform up to a certain standard in the classroom to get one. But whatever our behavior is at night, on the weekends, or when school isn’t in session, whether it’s good, bad, or ugly, is none of your business. I don’t care about Codes of Conduct, fine print, and other legal mumbo-jumbo….to render any student’s academic achievements null and void because of actions unrelated to schoolwork is nothing short of criminal. At very least, any student punished that way should at least be entitled to a full refund of all tuition and school fees. Anything otherwise is theft in my book. You can’t just take money for a service not ultimately rendered. And make no mistake about it, any academic institution is a SERVICE. We’re BUYING a degree more than we’re earning it.
But you need to take a good hard look in the mirror. Fucking some poor kid’s life up because he was partying, or got arrested or whatever, is so unjust you literally need to be crazy to think it’s reasonable. So instead of knocking us, put on something low-cut, head on over to mifflin street, and find someone 18 coronas deep to take you home, crack your rusty old vag open with an oyster shucker, and fuck the stupidity out of you before crying himself to sleep.
Badger Nation

I still haven’t had the chance to go check out Madison’s Mifflin block party yet. And after watching this video, I can’t think of any better way to end the school year then to party my fucking dick off at Mifflin. This might be the best unintentional advertisement for a massive college party that I have ever seen. Just giving the students from neighboring states exactly what they’ve been looking for, a reason to go this year. Just to spite the shit out of this bimbo. Are you out of your god damn mind? How did no one on the Dean of Student’s staff tell her that this was a terrible idea that would undoubtedly backfire? How can someone so naïve be in charge of so many people? I wish the U of M administrators were this dumb and did something like this to hype up Spring Jam.

I am just so excited now. Has anybody made “Please Don’t Go” shirts yet? If so, where can I buy one? I need one and I needed it yesterday.

And what the hell is she talking about with the Cinco de Mayo shirts being disrespectful? I seriously cannot figure it out. Because Bucky is wearing a sombrero? Because it says Cinco de Mifflin? Ummm… okay? I don’t get it. Help?

Mike Posner Instrumental Remix

MADISON, Wis. (CBSDC) – A video captured a woman shaking and sobbing uncontrollably while being frisked by a Transportation Security Administration agent.  The video shows a TSA agent patting down a woman in a pink sweater.  During the pat down, the woman can be heard sobbing and is visibly shaking while the TSA agents runs her hands down the woman’s legs. After the agent leaves, the woman simply stands still, hunched over.

Listen up you overreacting, stupid cunt. If you don’t want to get patted down for illegal weapons, then don’t fucking fly in our country. It’s that simple. Every time I hear the TSA coming under fire for doing their job of keeping our country safe it absolutely disgusts me. These are the types of people I wish are on planes when they actually do get highjacked. I’d like to see how much you are crying then. And then we got people blaming Obama for TSA’s searches as if it’s him who is personally groping every other broad to ever go through TSA. Chill the fuck out. I’m sure the TSA attendant stuck patting down this assfart enjoys it 100 times less than they do, and you don’t see her crying uncontrollably. It’s probably the first and only time you will ever be groped by anyone. Male or female. This is the exact type of fat bitch who is out walking her little gay dog and tells you to slow down when you’re doing 36 in a 35. The same type of fat bitch who coughs uncontrollably when she walks by someone having a smoke outside a bar. Just a disease to the advancement of society.