The ultimate troll stikes again… trying to ask girls out

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

This guy is my fucking hero… felt pretty bad for that chick that actually wanted to go out with him though. She is now about to be seen by millions of people once these vids go viral falling for this dumbass prank.

Does anybody actually do this anymore? Like all you hear about from older people is “If you like somebody, you should just go talk to them and ask them out, don’t be shy” … I gotta think that in this day in age if somebody actually did this it would be considered the creepiest fucking thing ever. You don’t just go up and talk to a cute girl/boy. You stare at them for awhile. Try and get as much info as possible. Then hope to see them out at the bars while you’re both shitfaced drunk so you can say “Don’t I know you from somewhere?!?!”

PS lmao at the guy at 1:38 walking outside

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