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Know anyone that should be a contestant on “You Gotta Puck One?” Send me their name, school, and about 5-6 good pictures to:

You Gotta Puck One – Week 10

You Gotta Puck One – Week 9

You Gotta Puck One – Week 8

You Gotta Puck One – Week 7

You Gotta Puck One – Week 6

You Gotta Puck One – Week 5

You Gotta Puck One – Week 4

You Gotta Puck One – Week 3

You Gotta Puck One – Week 2

You Gotta Puck One – Week 1


















































































This is the kind of shit that makes me wish hitting kids wasn’t illegal. Because we all know that if this lady had done any of the shit that I got the urge to do while watching the video, she would be the one at fault. Fuck that noise. How these kids have the balls to say this shit to the lady’s face is beyond me. If this had happened 30 years ago, every last one of these little fucks would have been castrated by their dads with a fire poker. These kids need to go spend a weekend at the Sandusky household so Jerry can have a field day with those assholes.

I am usually not a big fan of sequels. Just movie producers being lazy and running out of original ideas. This here looks like an exception. I feel like the fact that ‘The Expendables 2’ is a suggested video on YouTube after this one is flat out pathetic. Especially when you got the Most Interesting Man look-a-like in a lead role.

PS Don’t be the tool who lists off a bunch of good sequels to try and prove a point, you douchebags.

We Fest Jerseys

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Email me with your name, size and quantity so I can get an idea of how many to order. Price is set at $25/jersey. They are high quality basketball jerseys. I’ll be sellin’ them before and up at We Fest. But if you wait til We Fest, there’s a good chance they might sell out… I’m only ordering a limited number.

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Pass the coke

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Those god damn eyes are killing me

Top comment from YouTube is class act…