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(DailyMail)Hope Solo, the gold-medal winning women’s soccer player, has blown the lid on the rumored raging parties and sexual exploits of the world’s most respected athletes during the Olympics. Ms Solo detailed her and her competitors adventures off the field and in the Olympic Village, saying the entire women’s soccer team was completely wasted when they appeared on the Today show in 2008 after winning the gold medal. ‘I’ve seen people having sex right out in the open. On the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty,’ she explains in the latest issue of ESPNmagazine. After taking home the 2008 gold medal in Beijing for women’s soccer, Ms Solo and her teammates made a brief appearance on the Today show. The women smiled and spoke succinctly, but Ms Solo revealed that their demeanor was more linked to the fact that there were drunk from the night before. ‘When we were done partying, we got out of our nice dresses, got back into our stadium coats and, at 7 a.m., with no sleep, went on the Today Show drunk,’ she told ESPN. ‘Needless to say, we looked like hell!’

The most memorable part of the interview is when a clearly exhausted Ms Solo calls the Olympics the World Cup, before quickly correcting herself.


(IBNLive) – With the 2012 London Games less than three weeks away, a book has exposed that during the event the Olympic Village becomes a party-zone where athletes indulge in wild sex, drinking and drugs. According to the anonymously authored expose, ‘The Secret Olympics’, written by a former British competitor, it’s always a struggle keeping booze and condoms in strong supply. According to the author, organisers at the 2000 Sydney Olympics had supplied 70,000 condoms to athletes, but the stockpile ran out within a week. While alcohol and drugs are banned at Olympic Villages, competitors often fill water bottles with booze and smuggle in weed and doping agents, the book alleges. Though officials don’t condone such behaviour, they don’t condemn it either, and the only thing that matters is that the image of the Olympics remains unsullied. “What happens in the Village stays in the Village,” the New York Post quoted the anonymous author as writing.

This is the kind of partying I feel like I was born for. Just your top athletes from all around the world teaming up for 2 weeks of nonstop partying, boozing, drugs and sex marathons. A village full of mainly 18-23 year olds who have dedicated 4 years of their life to training for, in most cases, 1 or 2 events…  and as soon as it’s over, what else do you expect them to do to fill their time? This makes me wish I had done a few more sit ups in high school. But I guess I can always join the curling team. Sources say that the curling team always went above and beyond everyone else. When other athletes wanted to quit after 8 straight days of partying, they were quoted as saying, “And you call yourself an Olympian??”

PS Hope Solo is hot right? I mean as a society, we’ve decided we’d all bang her in a heart beat right? Right?

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