This guy takes carnival gaming to another level

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have officially found my new hero, Peter Drakos.  This guy is an absolute beauty who finds no greater pleasure in life than hustling the biggest swindlers in the game, Carnies.  Being at the State Fair last week, I was reminded through first hand experiences what douches Carnies are capable of being.  I mean they sit at a stand all day taking little kids’ hard earned chore money and then later use that money to most likely buy some sort of weird ass beastiality or bukkake porno they can later whack off to in their trailers.  So when I see a guy like Peter Drakos come along and absolutely clean these bastards out, it warms my heart.  Not to mention this bro gives away every single stuffed animal he wins, which he says is close to 250,000 of them.  Which also makes me think my latest hero also has a serious addiciction in which he has put in probably around $1 million as well as thousands of hours.  But that’s neither here no there.  Next year I decided I’m flying this dude out to Minnesota putting him up and taking him to the State Fair every day just so I can see how butthurt all the Carnies get when he wins every fucking prize in Midway.  Keep up the good work Mr. Drakos, taking care of one Carnival creeper at a time.

PS- I wonder how my times this guy has gotten laid after bringing a girl to the fair and winning her 50 animals in a single night?


  1. Open says:

    So we take their words and exist in their liehope mixed with blood that we blerewodk fingers to bone, to pay for a homethe food and the clothing we need.Tash- totally hearing this….its a marathon just to survive sometimes. It amazes me how if you’re a hard-working, honest, caring and compassionate human being- you’re kind of ignored instead of encouraged. It seems like the whole world has had enough and is starting to wake up…I hope so anyway…but of course (and on the flip side) here’s me sat behind my pc ding sweet FA about it…but then again..maybe its our place as poets to WRITE the changes…to inspire, to communicate…just like the common and universal language you speak here…..this is heartfelt, honest and human

  2. Heckuva good job. I sure appreciate it.

  3. Shamsuddeen says:

    The only convention I’ve been to is GenCon and that was just last week so I’m a litlte new to this particular slice of nerd life . But then a convention isn’t something specifically linked to nerds. There is a small convention center near my old home and it gets boat shows, garden shows, and various other trade shows, which is largely what something the size of GenCon is: people selling their products directly.Examining the dealer room is largely the same as any other show with sellers waiting and planning all the assorted tricks they can to get people to buy their products. GenCon offers game demos and fishing shows have indoor casting ponds. We all have oddities that pop up at our biggest gatherings. GenCon has alot in the way of entertainment apart from sales and I don’t know how that compares to other large shows so the side-by-side might not be ideal. Hopefully I’m being general enough to convey some kind of point here.I’m a sizable nerd when it comes to gaming and any of the RPPR fellows who met me at GenCon can atest that I am certainly about as creepily obsessed as anybody out there with their podcast and recorded games. GenCon was a chance for me to let that fly open and free and I didn’t. I talked Tom and Ross’s ears off when I saw them and I didn’t say anything about RPPR to random people at the convention. Why? Because I knew nobody else cared! When I talked to dealers, I asked questions about their products, not other companies and games they aren’t responsible for.I love to express hypotheticals regarding all manner of subjects and I try to avoid doing so with people who don’t want to hear about them. I don’t think it’s a nerd thing: I think it’s a jerk thing.

  4. A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this article.

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