Craigslist ad claims to have a couple of Brett Favre’s pubic hairs and is selling them for $200

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

(Craigslist) First off, no, this is not a joke. Serious buyers only, please.
My brother was an equipment manager for the Vikings from 2006-2011, he worked for them during the Favre years. After the Chiefs game at the Metrodome on 8/29/09, my brother and his team handled game laundry. They took Favre’s uniform and pads from his locker and noticed his jock strap had more than the usual amount of pubic hair left in it. Don’t ask me why they noticed, I guess they joked around about that stuff a lot. My brother took the pubes and saved them in hopes of one day selling them on the internet. He sucks at using computers so I am doing it for him today. We don’t want this all over the internet we just want to say we sold Brett Favre’s pubes on the internet. These are game-worn pubes from a living legend, and they aren’t going to a Green Bay fan.

$200 OBO (or best offer)

First things first; this ad was posted today, 9/11/2012. The ad claims that the game-worn pubes were taken off of Favre’s jockstrap after a game on 8/29/09. Which means these guys want us to believe that they’ve literally saved a couple of Favre’s pubic hairs in a small baggie for over 3 years and are just now trying to sell them for 200 fucking dollars. Like they were cleaning out the garage last weekend and stumbled across this buried treasure from 3 years ago. Secondly, they want us to believe that these genuinely came from Brett Favre’s ballsack, and that they didn’t just pluck a couple strays from their own asshole, stuff them in a bag and mark it “Favre 8/29/09”. As retarded as this ad sounds, I would not be one bit surprised if they are able to find a buyer. But my question is what are you supposed to do with a couple of game-worn pubic hairs from one of the greatest NFL QBs of all time? Like is that something that you go out and get framed to place on the mantle next to grandma for everyone to see? My guess is the type of person that would actually buy these would do something like mixing them into a family dinner, then wait to tell their kids and wife they just digested a piece of NFL history. I guess only time will tell.

– Kinger

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