Elephant greets man at the zoo by slanging some shit at him

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

This elephant deserves to be let out of that damn prison after pulling a stunt like this.  I’m sure that dude was standing there waving his arms at this elephant being all like, “Look here, look here, I need to Instagram a picture of you for my friends!!”  When this beauty of a creature decided enough is enough and thought to himself, “I’m gunna pick up some of my massive dump I took earlier and huck it right at this idiot’s face.”  Elephant: 1 bro:0, game, set and match.  This elephant wound up and sprayed a Kenny Power’s-esque fastball of strait shit into this dude’s mouth.  I literally think you can see the elephant smile afterwards when he realizes that he completely covered this dude in diarrhea.  Also the elephant is so excited about the way that turned out that he forgets he just had poop in his trunk a second ago and puts his trunk in his mouth.. But that’s neither here nor there.  The best part of this whole video might be seeing how absolutely butthurt this guy gets after being douched with elephant feces.  There is absolutely nothing this guy can do but walk around the zoo the rest of the day covered in shit, smelling like port-o-potty, and to me that is fucking hilarious.  I am in love with this entire video and say to all the animals locked up out there, continue fighting the man, your shit slangings are not going unnoticed!

– Swanny

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