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(Star Tribune) – A large fight at a high school soccer game has led to a criminal investigation by Maple Grove police and could keep some players out of the state tournament this week. An on-the-field scuffle broke out between players of Fridley’s Totino-Grace High School and Brooklyn Park’s Prairie Seeds Academy in a Thursday night game that was supposed to decide which team advanced to the tournament. Instead, some of the players of the winning team may face suspension or even criminal charges.

Finally a soccer match worth paying attention to. Too bad the people there had to wait until the final seconds of the match for the real action.  I feel dumb for even titling this post as a “brawl” because from my count only like 2 of the multiple attempted punches actually landed. It was more just slapping, kicking, and tugging on each other’s jerseys. Soccer players can pretty much be summed up by that goalie. Kicking a guy that’s on the ground in the butt and then hauling ass in the other direction.

– Kinger

A lot of people have been talking about Ponder only passing for 58 yards and 2 INTs yesterday. Well my response to them is if that’s all he needs to do to get the “W”, then that’s fine in my book. When you’re a 2nd year quarterback playing in your first full season as a starter and you got the best running back in the league on your team, why would you throw the ball more than you need to? Just feed the freak of nature standing behind you and let him do his thing. Ya the win yesterday was not pretty by any means but at the end of the day, good teams find a way to get the job done. These are the games that are must wins if the Vikings hope to make a push for and in the playoffs this year. There’s literally no reason that this team could not be sitting at an 8-2 record heading into Week 12 and coming off their Bye Week, where the final 6 games are against Chicago (2), Green Bay (2), St. Louis, and Houston. These next 3 games against the Bucs, Seahawks, and Lions are where this team needs to make a statement that this season thus far has not been a fluke. That they are a legitimate playoff contender to be reckoned with.

And why aren’t more people talking about AP absolutely fucking up Lenon after Ponder’s interception yesterday that should have been ruled a fumble? The ball was clearly coming out right after he hit him and AP came up with it after blowing his shit up. I want an explanation.

PS – I was at the game yesterday and is there anything more pathetic that a stadium starting “the wave” when the game is still close? As fans, you’re basically telling the players on your team that you would rather be entertained by watching people stand up and sit down than what is going on on the field. You think New England fans start “the wave” at Gillette stadium when the Patriots offense is on the field only up 21-7 in the 4th quarter? No. Cut that shit out. It’s a fucking joke. I might’ve been the only fan that refused to participate when the wave went by. Taking a stand for this state to rid ourselves of this “Minnesota nice” attitude.

– Kinger

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I know this story broke on Twitter on Friday but unlike people that work for other websites, I still have somewhat of a life. So get off me. When I first heard that Ponder was dating Samantha Steele, for some reason the first person that came to mind was Sage Steele, the sassy black sports anchor for SportsCenter. And I was pretty confused to say the least. But after further investigation into the matter I was relieved to find out it was this blonde bombshell/Erin Andrews look-a-like, Samantha Steele. I still haven’t decided if this is a step up, step down, or no change from his last girlfriend, Kacie McDonnell. So why don’t we go ahead and put it to a vote. It’s gunna be a little tough to compare the two evenly since Kacie has a far more elaborate and favorable photo selection, but we will make do.

Given the circumstances and knowing you really can’t go wrong with either, I think I have to give the nod to Kacie on this one. Give me a smokeshow blonde vs a smokeshow brunette and I’ll take the brunette every time. But that’s just me.

– Kinger

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Watch out E.A. Asians are like the one race that should not be fucked with. I was going to write a longer post ripping this psycho but I don’t want her coming after me when she’s done eating E.A.’s face off.

PS – Is there anything funnier than Asians just butchering the english language? I had no idea it carried over to Twitter.

– Kinger


You Gotta Puck One – Week 14

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Know anyone that you think could be a contestant on “You Gotta Puck One”? Do us all a favor and send me their name, school or hometown, and at least 8 solid pictures to:

Top – Chelsie

Bottom – Carly

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If this video doesn’t prove that women ruin the world, I don’t know what does. This is the shit that is birthed from the womb of man when you give them a keg, eight other dudes, and not a girl in sight (unless you count the fat one in the corner hiding her tears with barbeque sauce (there has to be one at every party)). This is why men are, and will continue to be, the superior race. The day I see a women do this, is the day I cut off my dick and start walking around clucking like a chicken. Just think of the man creations that have been aborted at conception because men have to act “decently” and “proper” to get access to Vaginatown. It makes me shudder at what we could have been without women. All that potential squandered.

On to my thoughts as to why this video is so impressive and why I’m so proud that this young adult, nay this man, resides in the great state of Minnesota. First, the obvious feat itself of being able to squeeze your own pee arch over your head without shitting yourself has to be acknowledged. But I look at this video with a more observing eye. The most impressive facet about this young man’s accomplishment is the fortitude to continue with the show knowing that two self-inflicted golden showers are inevitable. Clearly, this guy has done this before, because he tenses up, squints and takes that first blast in the face without flinching and continues with that extra burst to get it over his head. Jenna Jameson would be jealous of his ability to take a facial. And even more impressive is that he doesn’t pull a Josh Hamilton and decide that playing half of the season is good enough; he continues on with his arch of majesty to the point where the dick runs out of ammo, sputters out like a backfiring car, and he accepts his second pee facial of the day (maybe 3rd pee facial of the day, if aforementioned BBQ sauce girl, got to him first). He played the whole season and gave a complete performance. I wholeheartedly applaud his effort.

Now, we could acknowledge this for the greatness it is and move on, but I see more potential in this. Anytime a guy wants something you have or an initiation is needed, this needs to be referred to. It qualifies for everything in this “new age” of initiations: it’s not going to kill anybody, it’s degrading, and most likely you are going to pee on yourself. Plus, I have to figure that there are guys who jerked off with only there left hand for 12 years and now their crooked dick can’t come close to accomplishing this. So, most likely when attempting this they are going to take that initial pee facial, think they can give it an extra burst up over their head, but end up with peeing in their face for 30 seconds. Let’s fulfill our potential fellas.

– Kinger