Michigan man arrested again for dressing up as Batman and trying to help police officers solve crime

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

(Yahoo) – Police say they arrested a U.S. man after he showed up at a crime scene wearing a Batman outfit because he wouldn’t leave them alone. “He wouldn’t clear the scene, and we had a canine out there, and he kept screwing up the scent,” State Police Sgt. Jeff Gorno told the Petoskey News-Review. “He said he wanted to help us look for the driver.” Mark Wayne Williams, 33, was charged in Saturday’s incident with resisting and obstructing police in an investigation. Williams also was arrested last year after police received a report of a man dressed as Batman on the roof of a local business. He was sentenced to six months of probation, during which he was forbidden to wear costumes.

Na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!!  That little show tune was most definitely playing on repeat in this buffoon’s head both times he attempted to be the Batman.  I honestly wish this guy would have been wasted or on some sort of drugs because it would have made this story much more funny and a lot less depressing.  I mean what sober, grown man legitimately throws on some $20 Toys R’ Us Batman costume and runs around to real life crime scenes thinking he can be of service?  It goes without saying this guy is still a virgin and with a track record such as his, it’s safe to say the only thing he will be getting laid by anytime soon is his Cat Women blow up doll. Mark Wayne Williams, grow up Peter Pan, Count Chocula, this is the real world with real problems, and unless you want to get murked by a real criminal if you accidently stumble upon one, shot by the police for thinking you’re some John Holmes freak or thrown in prison, I suggest you figure it the fuck out and stop acting like a child.

– Swanny

What is it with people dressing up like and thinking they are Batman?

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