Nutjob feminists want a “Zero Tolerance Sexism Policy” instituted for Xbox Live that would come with the penalty of a lifetime ban

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

(Jezebel) – Kiki Wolfkill, the Executive Producer of Halo 4 and haver of the most glorious name I’ve ever heard, has teamed up with Bonnie Ross, the head of Microsoft’s 343 Industries, to make video games more fun and accessible to women. You see, these two very powerful ladies are fed-up with the rampant sexism in the gaming world. So, because they’re total bosses, they’ve issued a zero tolerance policy for Xbox Live, meaning any sexist or discriminatory comments will earn you a lifetime ban from the network. Here’s hoping that more video game companies join forces and start taking this shit seriously. Until they do, female gamers will either have to pretend to be dudes or continue to endure the, “Fat, ugly, or slutty.” It’s funny because even if the girl was all three, those little sad gamer dudes still wouldn’t have the courage to talk to her in real life.

“So, because they’re total bosses” = “So, because they don’t give a shit about freedom of speech in America and just want to waste everyone’s time by claiming a male dominated hobby is sexist”

Chicks have their hobbies, and guys have video games. No need to ruin it for everyone because some fatso keeps getting called mean names on the internet. Half the fun of Halo is listening to people who know jack shit about each other talk shit to each other. Listen, if the chicks in the gaming community actually looked like the “slutty” one pictured above, I’d be all for it. I am 100% on board for anything that would get more smokes involved in video games. But that just isn’t the world that we live in. In actuality, I’d say about 99.9% of females in the gaming community somewhat resemble the “fat and ugly” whale pictured below, including Kiki Wolfkill.

And real nice with the last sentence in that story “It’s funny because even if the girl was all three, those little sad gamer dudes still wouldn’t have the courage to talk to her in real life” Yeah, the reason I don’t talk to fat, ugly, sluts is because I don’t have the courage to. Spot on. Fucking idiots.

– Kinger

Ha I was right. Get a load of Kiki Wolfkill

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