Minnetonka High School principal trying to ban female students from wearing yoga pants and spandex leggings

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

(DailyMail) Female students at Minnetonka High School in Minnesota have been told to stop wearing trendy figure-hugging leggings and adopt more conservative styles. Principal David Adney sent an email to parents on Monday, asking them to talk to their daughters about wearing pants that expose too much ‘leg and backside’ that can be ‘highly distracting’ for others. He told the StarTribune: ‘This new trend doesn’t seem right, it’s troubling. Cover your butts up – I’m just going to say it straight up. We’re seeing too much.’ More than 70 parents and other high schools reportedly called or e-mailed Mr Adney supporting his message, which didn’t ban leggings, but urged teens to keep ‘things covered up’. He added: ‘It’s not about trying to be the clothing police, it’s just a sensitivity issue. Hopefully with us being the first to speak up, it will create a lot of conversations.’

This story just made me absolutely furious. Who the hell do you think you are David Adney? Trying to be some fuckin hero because you can’t hide your raging boners triggered from staring at 17 year old jailbates walking the halls in yoga pants so you have to go and try to ruin the fun for everyone? Last time I checked we live in America bro, not fuckin Pakistan. Adolescent boys drooling over a nice rump bouncing up and down as they walk to class is a natural part of our society and if you ask me, our god given right. For all we know, the fact that high school girls choose to wear tight yoga pants to school every day could be the number one reason that more kids with miserable lives don’t come to school one day with a shotgun. You’re trying to take away that one ounce of happiness that some kids have to look forward to every day when they come to your shitty school. Sex appeal in high school is probably one of the main factors that keeps the kids sane and motivated. You, sir, need to stop for a second and consider the consequences of your actions. This is the kind of rule that I would expect to see attempted to be instituted by some old feminist nutjob principal whose tits sag below her belly button. If you are really was concerned about the well-being of your student body, you should focus your attention and concerns on just banning the whales at your school from wearing tight yoga pants. Because in reality, that is the stuff that no one wants to see.

Now everybody take a deep breath to relieve the incalculable amount of anger/stress that was just caused by this outrageous, human-rights infringing douche bag and take a second to scroll through this yoga pants photo gallery I threw together for your enjoyment. Thank me later.

– Kinger

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