Pucking Sports’ 2nd Annual College Bowl Pick ‘Em Pool

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, it’s almost that time of year again. Time for me to clean up all your fools’ money in the 2nd annual College Bowl Pick ‘Em pool. I will post a Word Doc with all the bowls once they are announced this Sunday night, Dec. 2nd. Save this Word Doc to your computer,  go through and BOLD your picks, and email me back the Word Doc with your picks. Do not include the spread, but include a final score of the BCS National Championship game which will be the tiebreaker.

– Each entry is $20 which must be received before you can make your picks.

– Each correct pick is worth 1 point. Each correct BCS bowl pick is worth 3 points. The BCS Championship game is worth 5 points with the final score of the Championship game being the tiebreaker.

– All picks and payment must be received by Friday, December 14th (the day before the first bowl games)

– I will post everyone’s Word Docs with their picks on Saturday, December 15th before the first games start. They will remain on here for the duration of the Bowl Season for everyone to have access to so you know no changes in picks have been made

– Payout: 1st – 65%, 2nd – 25%, 3rd -10%, 4th – Money back ($20)

– I will update and post the standings at the conclusion of every bowl game

If interested in participating, send me an email to puckingsports@yahoo.com, and I will let you know the best way to send in your payment (by mail or possibly in person if in Twin Cities)

This is open to anyone and everyone interested

Word Doc to save to your comp once bowls have been finalized —–> collegebowlpickem

– Kinger

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