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Posted: February 6, 2013 | Full size is 620 × 853 pixels

  1. Abdallah says:

    No what you mean about all the testosterone! Same here with the boars! Where would we be woutiht good old electric fencing!!! I’ve never made it either to the Women in Agriculture conference and once again agree with you with regard to the agenda and cookery demos! I’m much more a hands-on person, feel you learn more that way, that’s why we’ve opted for the get down and dirty/floury’ option with our classes!

  2. Information is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

  3. Zeeshan says:

    No Scholes, no Giggs, no Saha, no Ferdinand, no Vidic, no Van Der Sar (not that he could have stopped that amzniag free kick) and no Gary Neville. By my math, that’s missing 7 of their mainstay 11, so I wouldn’t say that I was 100% certain that they were taking it as seriously as you seem to think.I watched the game from the comfort of my couch…one of the perks of having Setanta Sports on DirecTV.F-Liverpool.

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