Information on how to sign up for Pucking Sports March Madness Brackets

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

We are 3 days away from Tourney time and Pucking Sports March Madness Brackets is turning into the one pool that you are not going to want to miss out on. We’re talkin big money for the top 3 overall brackets. Don’t be an idiot and miss out on participating by forgetting to submit your payment past the strict deadline of March 21th 1 hour prior to the first game.

Last year we had over 50 brackets with $1000 up for grabs.

Here’s the details again for how everything will work:

Each bracket submission is $20

I set up an account on so you can pay online. It also allows for the funds to be distributed to the winners right after the Championship game. So you know there will be no bullshit.

***Send me an email to with your name and I will send you an invite to sign up for league safe to pay the league fee.***

Top 3 brackets will win money. Once we know for sure how many we have, we will let everyone know the pay out

Selection Sunday is TODAY

You have about 3 full days til fill out your bracket and E-mail it to me.

Brackets will be accepted up until 1 hour prior to tip-off of the first game on Thursday, March 21th

The “first four” will not be counted in the overall scoring

Each rounds scoring will be as follows – 2nd round (1), 3rd round (2), Sweet 16 (4), Elite 8 (6), Final 4 (8), Championship (10)

I post everyone’s bracket on here, either as a Word or Excel document so everyone can see every bracket that has been submitted to cut down on further bullshit

Standings will also be updated after every night of action

Again, send me an email with your name and I will send you an invite to sign up on to pay the league fee

Email –

Holler at me with any questions


– Kinger

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