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I’m in the holiday spirit and feeling generous so I decided to knock 5 bucks off the price of this shirt from now until Christmas. Order this week to make sure that your shirt arrives before the holidays. Only $15.

You can place orders online here:

Sizes available: M, L, XL – $15 and XXL – $17 (sold out of smalls)

– Kinger

Not nearly as funny as the first two, but still pretty funny and worth the watch.

How many times I gotta tell you if I see yo bike I might take itttt

“Da’Quan” – The Block is Hot (University of Michigan)

Da’Quan – Have a Blessed Day (University of Wisconsin)

– Kinger

Hope that’s her place cuz if not bitch better come up with some cash for the vase. Toothpaste squeeze at the end was gold.

Someone give me a shout when the fun suckers at You Tube pull this vid. I’ll give it a week tops.

– Kinger

Picture 1

No surprise here. Sarah Savage. What a great porn name. I bet she fucks like a ratchet too. I don’t like to pass judgement on a girl until I see her naked, but I’m rating her a zero because guys like Johnny Football Heisman Manziel should never have a girlfriend.

P.S. – I can now say I masturbated to a zero.

Sarah Savage’s Instagram Account

Sarah Savages Modeling Page


We can all agree that she’s 100% brain dead right? Great logic by Albert fuckin Einstein in the beginning of the video. “Here I got a brilliant idea, let’s go ahead and get this soft air mattress out of the way so that you have a nice firm landing pad for when you land on your head on the floor. We’ll replace it by strategically tossing this tiny shit blanket in the corner over there, just so you don’t get any blood stains on the carpet.” We were legitimately a mere 2 feet away from that girl soaring out the window to her inevitable death, cementing this as the greatest video of all time. Instead we’re stuck with the world’s worst Spider-man impression.

– Kinger

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